trying to eat healthier but on a budget? me too.

Being in college is hard, and frustrating financially. Well for me it is because i’m finally living on my own and realizing how expensive things are. One specific thing that sticks out to me is food! College students are learning how to use their money wisely but I feel like it’s so much more convenient for us to go to Mcdonald’s and get a $3.00 burger rather than going to the grocery store and spending $6.00 – $10.00 on fruits and vegetables. I feel as a college student it should be the other way around and we should be getting all the nutrients and vitamins possible. Even for people who aren’t college students but aren’t necessarily the most wealthy and have children and a family to feed cant afford healthy groceries and tend to go to fast food restaurants because it’s cheap and convenient. 

Published by afton1600

I am a student at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown SD looking to further my education with earning an associates degree.

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