Super bowl Half time show

This years 2020 super bowl half time show starred Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. I thought the Super bowl was an amazing game and to be honest I think it was the first time i’ve actually watched the game. Ever since I was youngI used to look forward to watching the half time show but this year seemed different. I definitely noticed lots of political ads during the commercials and I thought it was rare that Donald trump had his own add during the game to vote for him. I also noticed lots of gun right commercials that were very personal with specific families. During the half time show I thought there was only women on stage and they were trying to represent Women’s Empowerment but they were expressing their latin culture and even Jlo’s daughter performed in the half time show. At the end of the show I didn’t quite understand what it was standing for but after doing more research and reading I saw on how the little girls were in cages, and they were representing the hundreds of kids at our borders. she sang loud and proud “Born in the USA” “lets get loud” as in “we have a voice” #LatinosStandingUp #superbowl

Published by afton1600

I am a student at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown SD looking to further my education with earning an associates degree.

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