Cereal or candy?

The other day walking through the grocery store I was so suprised with all the options of cereal now a days. I realized I was looking for a healthy brand of cereal and it was honestly a lot harder than you would think. I noticed a lot of “sugary” brands of cereal. For example I noticed lucky charms with just the charms or Captain Crush with just the Berries. And when I was younger looking for the berries was the best part. I was thinking to myself If only they had these types of cereal when I was a kid I would have been so excited. I can picture it now of asking my mom for a special type of cereal and her saying no.

Here is a video explaining exactly how much sugar is in cereals that you may think are “healthy”

Published by afton1600

I am a student at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown SD looking to further my education with earning an associates degree.

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