This last week my aunt and I decided to paint her living room. She was getting so bored sitting at home that she felt she just had to do something. We went to the store to pick up paint and I was so surprised with how busy they were. It makes sense though with how many people sit at home then decided to paint. We started painting her living room, next we were doing the kitchen, the bathrooms, her kid’s rooms, the downstairs, her bedroom and ended with the entry way. It was definitely a productive way to use our time during quarantine.


Today Im going to write about the app Instagram. Im sure a lot of you reading this are familiar with the app and most likely have it. Today I decided to post a picture with my friend that was took last summer. My caption was “Would not mind being on the lake right about now” I haven’t posted since December. I noticed my phone starting blowing up and I thought to myself this is strange, Why am I getting 200 likes in 10 minutes and I think that with this quarantine going on and everyones at home they’re most likely bored scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. So Incase your wondering right about this time would be a good time to post on your gram!

My College Experience

When I was younger I always thought college was going to be the best time of my life. Ever since I was eleven years old I can remember wanting to be in a sorority. To be completely honest I didn’t know where I was going to school until the week before school even started. I always wanted to go to these huge schools far away like Bozeman Montana, or Boise Idaho and also ASU in Arizona. I would have never thought that I would be in Watertown South Dakota. At first I was nervous and constantly wondering if I made a wrong decision. Seeing all of my friends at universities and at these huge schools, I was worried I wouldn’t get the real “college experience.” It took a while but then I got used to how everything worked and used to having roommates and being on my own. I have met so many amazing people and friends that I will have for a lifetime. I look back and am so thankful God lead me to this school. I really became to love school and love going to classes. I love my program and I am so glad that I chose what I did. I know I can use my degree with many options and that Im not glued to one particular thing. I feel confident about my program and I was never confident in going to school for a long time. For me personally I think the two years is just enough time. Although I wont be graduating from a four year school I will be graduating with something and always have the choice to go back to school if I wanted to. I strongly believe that god had a plan for me and he still does for the future.

How Coronavirus is affecting me…

The Coronavirus is really taking over everyones lives. When I first heard about it I would have never thought that it would have grown to be as big and serious as it is today. I am hoping everyone is staying safe and being cautious with staying clean. This virus can have a lot of negative affects on many people such as anxiety, depression, loneliness from being in quarantine and I think if you or anyone you know is dealing with this that going outside is a very helpful thing to help your mindset during this tough time. Going outside will help your daily activity and getting a breathe of fresh air. I hope that all of you are using this time to your full advantage and staying safe.

What to do during quarantine?

During quarantine I have been thinking about all the different things I can do around my house to be productive instead of binge watching movies and tv shows all day. I decided to clean out my closet and get rid of all of my clothes that I don’t like or doesn’t fit anymore. I also did this with my shoes and deep cleaned everything I could. I also decided to deep clean my car which needed to be done for a long long time. My mom is a fitness instructor and every morning we would wake up and work out downstairs in our gym. This was nice because I felt good about myself and felt productive with my day. We also cooked A Lot, we would make really healthy dinners. I believe this quarantine time will help with many people to reflect on their life and have a lot of time to think and relax. Be safe out there and sooner than you know it will all be able to be out and about seeing family and friends again. #staysafe #selfcare

Why college can be challenging

College is a challenge. I think it is so tough for students that just get out of high school and expect to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. There is so much pressure put on students for scholarships, where they want to go, and what they want to do. In my opinion I think being in a major you love and your passionate about really helps students succeed. In the future I would really like to see schools have a tour or more time for students to visit the school they want to attend at and get a good understanding of each program and option they can choose from. I think this would benefit many students and help with the stress and pressure rather than jumping to a program and figuring out next semester your not happy with it. #stressful #norush #pressure #savetime

Cereal or candy?

The other day walking through the grocery store I was so suprised with all the options of cereal now a days. I realized I was looking for a healthy brand of cereal and it was honestly a lot harder than you would think. I noticed a lot of “sugary” brands of cereal. For example I noticed lucky charms with just the charms or Captain Crush with just the Berries. And when I was younger looking for the berries was the best part. I was thinking to myself If only they had these types of cereal when I was a kid I would have been so excited. I can picture it now of asking my mom for a special type of cereal and her saying no.

Here is a video explaining exactly how much sugar is in cereals that you may think are “healthy”

Have you tried buffalo chicken dip?

Buffalo chicken dip is a signature dip for gatherings or the Super bowl. But my friends and I love it so much we make it every Monday night for the Bachelor. We love buffalo anything. Last week we made a buffalo mac n’ cheese. It was very good. To make buffalo dip its really simple all you need is a crockpot, 1 cup of ranch, 3/4 cup of franks hot sauce, 1 package of cream cheese, shredded cheese, and 1 can of chicken. If you like to eat hot, spicy foods I highly suggest you try this! #enjoy

The Oscars 2020

The unexpected Eminem performance at the oscars left people stunned. Eminem is 47 years old. As they were going over recaps of all the popular movies over the decade the slide show ended with the movie 8 mile. Eminem performed the song “lose yourself.” In 2003 the song Lose Yourself won the Oscar for Best Original Song. It was the first time a recap song has ever won that category. In my opinion I thought it was really neat they would bring back Eminem knowing he hasn’t performed in over 3 years, although he was losing breath fast I thought he did an amazing job for being how old he is. #agedoesntmatter #eminemstillrocks

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